Koga's Katastrophic Mistake

September 13, 2017 // YT // DT

This video is about the main protaganist, Sly, live in cat named Koga. While Sly and a mystical being named "The Trench God" are outside enjoying some super saiyan blue kush, Koga is lying unconscious from a devastating hit to his head by Sly. Once Koga wakes up, he begins formulating a plan of revenge for what Sly has done to him. Before he enacts his plan, he takes a detour to handle some KAT business. While handling his business, Koga discovers a way to enact his revenge by handling KAT business all over the house and on Sly's possesions. Everything is fine until The Trench God reveals that Sly has taken off in to the woods. At that moment, Koga realizes he has made a Katastrophic mistake.








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