Happy birthday Myles

February 4, 2018 // YT // DT

For my nephew's 2nd birthday, we got friends and family to send birthday wishes and messages to celebrate his life! Although he's only 2 now, we know one day he'll look back and know how loved he is!Plus it was a great way to connect with family through social media.

I created a video to celebrate the life of my mother last year because we all live on separate ends of the globe and see each other every 5 years or more. We don't often get to express how much we care about each other because life happens and before you know it time has passed. My cousin then asked me to do a similar video for my nephew's second birthday similarly because family is scattered around the world and most of us haven't seen each other since we were all just babies. Overall, this video is a celebration of life, expression of love, coming together of family and friends and way of connecting and reconnecting across time and space. Although others were not able to make their contributions, we hope that one day when he grows up and sees this, he will have a visual reminder of what a great village of people are rooting for his success even if he never physically meets or sees them.








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