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October 25, 2017 // YT // DT

What people need to learn could sound useless to read. But if you actually know what people need to learn, you can make a career teaching them how to do it, that's if you know how to do that. Everyday, people go on Google searching for how to do this and that. And we have found the top 10 How To that people search for. We shall show you what you can become to help those, the millions of Nigerians searching for this.

How to Kiss: If people are searching for how to kiss, then you can make a living being a coach of relationship. You could train people on how to get closer in their relationship. I believe that's what people looking for how to kiss are searching for.

How to Pray: Well, that's why the people at churches are making it big in Nigeria. Pastors now have their own private jets. Besides Our Lord's Prayer, you can make a living teaching people how to pray.

How to Love: Hmm, I don't know much to say but teaching people how to love could be as literal as saying, Love your neighbour as yourself.

How to Draw: Yeah, art teachers, you may not be aware that lots of people admire this career. Become an art teacher and people can learn from you.

How to Swim: Swim coaches are making it too, but not that big. If you have been to any hotel in Nigeria during the weekends, you will notice a lot of people are learning to swim. You can make a living by teaching people how to swim.

How to Sing: Yeah, as expected, Musicians are the best celebrities these days. But they go to school too; some do. If you can sing as a professional, you can as well train people on their voices.

How to Rap: Since hiphop is a popular music genre, a lot of people need to learn how to rap. You can be a professional teacher to those in need of how to rap.

How to Study: People need to learn how to study before they even learn the subject they need to learn. Two things to learn. This is actually psychological. You can become a shrimp and train people on how to study by playing with their brains.

How to Blog: Linda Ikeji is a billionaire blogger. I'm also making a lot from my website by blogging. And since people need money, they should want to learn how to make it. I'm surprised that the top of the list was not How To Make money online. This shows that Nigerians are becoming wiser. Instead of I want fish, they now want to become fishermen. I can teach you how to blog if you need to do it like John Chow.

10 How to Meditate: Praying and meditating is just like loving and kissing, if you follow my list. As similar as the two might look, meditating requires places where one can relax. This points to parks, hotels and even massage parlours. You can become a masseur and teach people how to relax and meditate.

This list from the top 10 was obtained by Masterweb Nigeria from Google Trends.









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