Irish tourist fights off Turkish shopkeepers with professional boxing skills

November 15, 2017 // YT // DT
A Turkish mob got more than they bargained for when they started a brawl with an Irish man – who turned out to be a professional boxer
Running a successful business often calls for hard-headed haggling. These Turkish shopkeepers, though, got more than they bargained for when they picked on the wrong tourist.

A video showing an Irish professional boxer taking on a number of shopkeepers in a brawl has gone viral on amongst Turkish social media users.

Described in the video as an ‘Irish boxer/tourist’, CCTV shows the man open a shop fridge door, only for dozens of bottles of water to fall to the ground.

Seconds later, the shop owner hit the Irishman with a stick as other shopkeepers arrived on the scene to back up their neighbour, with a variety of tools including sticks and stools.








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