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How many types of compressor?

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Lift Gas Compressor

The principle of the lift gas compressor is that the gas entering the tubes reduces the density of the liquids in the tubes, and bubbles "scrub" the liquids. Both factors work to reduce the pressure (BHP) flowing down the bottom of the tubing.

 Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors

A fully developed Integrally geared centrifugal compressor is a multi-shaft compressor in which each step is a three-dimensional (3D) impeller that operates at its best speed. ... They also offer near isotherm compression with one or two amplifiers (each phase or sometimes every two phases) followed by an intercooler.

 API-617 Compressor

Within integrated gear compressors, both API 617 Compressor and API 672 are compressor standards for the petroleum, chemical and gas industries, however, API 672 focuses on packed compressors. ... These are special machines that are able to compress a gas without changing the temperature, and are provided by a few players.

 API-618 Compressor

API 618 compressor covers minimum requirements for use in the oil, chemical and gas industry services and for gas processing at any pressure, or for air with a gauge pressure greater than 9 bar

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